The European Bison Conservation Center (EBCC) is the International Network gathering European bison breeders from Poland, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Spain, Romania, Belgium, Czech Republic and Belarus. The EBCC is the longterm project of European Bison Friends Society.

The main goal of EBCC is to coordinate the flow and exchange of information between wisent breeders from different European countries. Secondly, the function of EBCC is to create a platform of communication between European bison breeders, decision makers, conservationists and other interested parties to develop a common policy for wisent conservation in Europe, despite the existence of differences in the rules of E. bison conservation in the various European countries.

According to Status Survey and Conservation Action Plan for European Bison (IUCN 2004) the main task of International Network is the “coordination of restitution, reintroductions, monitoring of captive and free-ranging herds, and most of all – gene pool preservation, and genetic management of particular herds. This center is supposed to provide all kinds of information, and be available to all interested users, possibly free of charge”. The Center started to work (October 2008) at the University of Life Sciences in Warsaw. The IUCN was informed about the fact that the EBCC started to operate as an implementation of recommended action within the Species Action Plan.