European Bison. Strategic species status review 2020 edited by Wanda Olech and Kajetan Perzanowski was published on March 11, 2022,  under the auspices of IUCN.

As we read in the preface to the document:

„This report has been prepared 17 years after the publication of the first “Status Survey and Conservation Action Plan” for the European bison Bison bonasus, (the wisent). During that time, major changes have taken place regarding the numbers of the world population of the species, its range of occurrence, as well as conditions both economic and social, crucial for its further conservation. The results of the rescue program for the European bison, initiated almost 100 years ago, can be considered as spectacular (…)

This report was prepared by a team of 32 experts representing 15 countries, both having European bison only in captivity as well as those also managing free-ranging herds of this species. Among the authors, there are 19 members of IUCN SSC Bison Specialist Group and 13 are active in European Bison Conservation Centre (…)

Therefore hopefully this document covers the whole range of issues necessary for the preparation and implementation of a long term strategy that allows for further effective protection of this species. The aim of this report is to provide possibly the most current, detailed knowledge on the species’ status all over the continent, and contributing co-author views of how to improve its present situation in terms of population parameters, health and welfare, accessibility of optimal habitats and conservation measures. The accuracy of proposed solutions and measures will be possible to be evaluated generally – on the basis of subsequent trends in European population of the species and locally – upon the development of free-ranging, viable herds.

This 140-page publication is a compendium of the latest scientific and practical knowledge about the European bison (wisent).
We encourage you to read its content.


Recommended citation:
Olech, W. and K. Perzanowski (eds.). 2022. European Bison (Bison bonasus) Strategic Species Status Review 2020. IUCN SSC Bison Specialist Group and European Bison Specialist Group. Available at https://www.iucn.org/ commissions/ssc-groups/mammals/mammals-a-e/bison